Question: Who needs a Headshot?

Answer: Almost without exception - Everyone!

It takes fractions of a second for someone to make a connection or form an opinion based upon the first view of a Headshot. So what is yours like now? Is it a selfie, a crop from a wedding/holiday photo (complete with blurriness), standing against a wall with optional wide-eyed stare and shadows, or just an out of date photo? There are many bad examples out there and we all see them every day. The worrying thing is that this is what people see of you as a first impression. This could affect your job prospects (think LinkedIn), your business image, your intro slide at a conference where you are a guest speaker - the list goes on.

I can help raise your profile immensely by providing you with a clean, perfectly lit, expertly directed Headshot that will give you pride and confidence in the real you!

One of the reasons people put a Headshot session off is that they are nervous in front of camera, have perhaps had some bad experiences in the past and maybe don’t know what to do when in the session. Please don’t worry about this. I will provide a relaxed environment, I will direct you during the session, and you will see the results as we go meaning we keep adjusting and refining until we end up with exactly what you need. You may wish to try different looks and wardrobe changes, all of this can be accommodated during the session.

I always speak with my clients in advance of the shoot, to get to know you a bit and go over any points that they would like to cover prior to the session. I then follow-up soon after the session with your own private image gallery from which to make your selections.

If there is anything at all that you would like to know about my Headshot sessions please contact me. I have provided some guidance that will tell you what is involved and how to prepare for my sessions, here. My rates and payment information are here.

I love talking to my clients and building the relationship that I hope will last for years to come. I look forward to meeting you and providing you with a premium Headshot that communicates your confidence and approachability!