PPJ Podcast - Episode 7 by Philip Swallow

My Birthday!

YouTube Vlog - need a catchy thumbnail pic, but 100 views so far

Colleague headshots - great session, good timing, pleased client & just waiting for selections. First use of AD600PRO studio heads and very pleased with them

Daughter headshot - impromptu - guess what is unusual? Great feedback and social media likes on our Instagrams and my Facebook page
Rotary Event - Charity Gig, great time, great feedback!

How you must be professionally prepared! Do not leave anything to chance and not just on the day. I was set up to be a professional and hard work made that possible

Pricing for Events - Charity excepted, always get a fee up front

Headshot Workshop this Saturday - beats the Royal Wedding any day!

PPJ Podcast - Episode 12 by Philip Swallow

It's a hot, dry summer in the UK! 
England are doing superbly well in the World Cup, I have needed to buy some more add-on gear to help with my sound recording, I've done another Lime Meadow shoot, a Business Headshot, set up another Social Media presence for my travel photography in order to separate it from the other part of my brand and am preparing for another trip!

PPJ Podcast - Episode 13 by Philip Swallow

Episode 13 - Charlie's Request! (Correction to follow!*)
Covering: Vienna, Charlie's request for iPhone photography tips/recommendations, Headshot Releases, Gear Purchase, Video Editing and Late Summer Holiday.

* I mention 6 box grid for the iPhone screen but it is actually 9. The concept is still the same but you need to have 9 boxes in the grid to apply the intersection points for the Rule of Thirds.

PPJ Podcast - Episode 14 by Philip Swallow

I have run this Podcast for a few months now and have used up all of my time allowance on the free offer from Soundcloud but it was good whilst it lasted. So after some research I found that Squarespace can offer a hosting service so I’m giving it a go! 

This episode is very brief and covers a correction required from Episode 13 and some words about this transition process, what I have learned so far, and what this new hosting solution may offer. 

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