California Road Trip - San Francisco by Philip Swallow

(Originally posted to Facebook on June 8, 2019)

Sue and I have really connected to San Francisco. It has character, history, charm, friendly people, loads to see, a nice climate - I could go on . . . 

It has been a good reboot to leave the car parked for a few days although yesterday we did 20,000 steps, covering 10 miles and the equivalent of 40 flights of stairs! 

We love the fact that there are few chains here, certainly ones we know in the UK anyway, so local businesses get the chance to thrive. Many of those have been established for a long time (thank you Swensen’s Ice Cream Parlour!!)

The weather has been kind and we really enjoyed our pre-booked trip to Alcatraz. Please make it part of your trip if you plan to come here. 

My photo shoot rate has increased as you will have noticed, and the video content is building up - many hours in the edit suite to come. 

We will eat locally this evening and then head off first thing to our next stop on our “loop” of California.

California Road Trip - PCH to Carmel by Philip Swallow

(Originally posted to Facebook on June 5, 2019)

The first day was very much a driving day as we weaved out of Los Angeles and up the coast to Morro Bay, passing through Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara and many other names you get to know over the years though TV & movies. Not many photographic opportunities on the way or at Morro Bay but a lot more yesterday. 

Yesterday we set off from Morro Bay on a more classic section of Highway One. We saw an Elephant Seal Colony, stopped at many viewpoints and the “June Gloom” fog lifted just as we approached our overnight stop at Carmel. 

Carmel is a beautiful town. Doris Day lived here and Clint Eastwood was former Mayor. If you get the chance, pay a visit!

Yesterday evening we toured 17 Mile Drive which takes in the Pebble Beach Golf Links and is a very picturesque piece of land indeed - lifestyles of the rich and famous! They are currently putting the structure together to host the 119th US Open Golf Championship that starts on Thursday June 13th. We saw the Australian golfer Adam Scott in Carmel with his family - probably here for early practise. 

It has been busy but very enjoyable. We have been taking photos and video and need a bit of downtime to process it, hopefully we will get some at our next two stops which are more than one night stopovers.

California Road Trip - Overview by Philip Swallow

In June 2019 Sue and I travelled to California for a Road Trip. I made a series of Travel Updates to my Travel Photography Facebook Page as we were travelling and thought these would mage good diary/blog material so have copied them across to my website and they will provide a way of following our trip as it happened.

This is a map showing our loop - the only addition to this was a train trip we took from location #9 to San Diego for the day.


To bring this to life there is a podcast episode that Sue and I recorded dedicated to this trip, please have a listen and it will help to tell the story.