San Juan Capistrano

California Road Trip - Joshua Tree to Beach Cities by Philip Swallow

(Originally posted to Facebook on June 17, 2019)

We are currently relaxing and unwinding in San Clemente, back on the coastline that we last visited when we stayed in San Francisco.

The journey through Joshua Tree National Park was amazing. We joined at the north-western entrance and meandered our way through until leaving at the Cottonwood Visitor Center exit. The road layout is such that there are many stopping points and small parking lots that you can get nice photo opportunities from. The temperature reached 105°F in the southern section (Pinto Basin) so photos were taken very quickly with the engine and aircon left running!

The route from the park to San Clemente saw a return of the bigger highways and much more built-up areas. We went past Palm Springs and it is huge, lots of casinos and resorts for those who like to partake.

Andy has been a great guide to us here, showing us around the local Beach Cities and also his home town of San Juan Capistrano, that has a lot of history including a Mission dating back to 1776.

We are taking the train to San Diego today to pay a quick visit whilst we are in these parts. Tomorrow we head up the coast to our final stop in Santa Monica which has close proximity to return the car (thanks Alamo) and then head to LAX for our flight home on Friday afternoon.