Doesn't great praise make you feel good! by Philip Swallow

We were invited to a fund-raising Afternoon Tea and I being me, asked if they'd mind if I brought my camera gear to help capture the event. This was referred to the President and all was agreed. As well as the experience and enjoyment of the afternoon there was a singer performing there, Paulo Freitas, who was excellent. I like capturing shots of musicians and performers so it was all set up superbly!

The event was a huge success and hundreds of pounds were raised for Alzheimers and Dementia Charities. You will see on my Testimonials Page what it meant to the President.

A huge feel good factor on all fronts, and new friendships were forged. This is something I will certainly do in the future and would urge you all to support, in whatever way you can.

Budapest Trip - Travel Vlog by Philip Swallow

We had a fantastic five days in Budapest in early April and have put a Travel Vlog on my Youtube Channel to tell our story - if you haven't been there then you must go!

We were very fortunate with the weather but there is plenty to do even if you are less fortunate on your trip. The place has beauty, history, culture, great food, great people and is easy on the pocket.

I have integrated my still shots into the video - have a look (and like!) 


I've launched a Podcast! by Philip Swallow

I'm an avid podcast listener and have been for many years. I find it a really useful and entertaining way of catching up on things that interest me and it felt natural to gravitate towards this medium to help to share information about me and my journey.

At the time of writing this blog I have recorded three episodes, all available on iTunes. It has been great fun! I hope that by sharing what I have done here and on the "Socials" I can reach out to like-minded photographers and get some positive engagement as we join forces and enjoy our journeys together.

So please have a listen (and subscribe!) and get back to me with any feedback. It is intended to be an honest account and something that people can relate to. I don't have a formal plan of where it may go, I've usually got plenty to say on many subjects but over time I would certainly like to have others make a contribution, be that in interview or co-hosting or any combination.

Thanks for reading (and listening) - enjoy!

One year on - more Folk Music by Philip Swallow

I was invited to do a shoot at the Lime Meadow Folk & Blues Club last Friday, 10th November. It was a great evening! Two acts performed, Two Coats Colder and Sally Ironmonger & Brian Carter. Please see my Musicians page for some of the shots from the evening. I've been delighted with the opportunities I've had to photograph musicians this year and am working to experience many more!

Hectic Summer! by Philip Swallow

Well things have been mad lately, but mad good rather than mad bad. It had been a difficult start to 2017 with both Sue and I losing our fathers - great men, may they rest in peace.

Photography-wise, I have had a mix of work. I shot the Bromley Pageant of Motoring in June, two double-birthday events in July and now have a photographic residency at a local Jazz Club. And in between that I shot a surprise wedding proposal (she said Yes!) and a follow-up Engagement Shoot in the local countrside. 

Expanding horizons by Philip Swallow

Well at last we have some colder weather here in the UK and I'm quite happy with that. We had a great October in terms of light and I was able to develop my portfolio by doing a couples portrait shoot for my good friend and his partner. We were able to take advantage of some beautiful afternoon light and use his garden which offered up a mix of backgrounds. They were delighted with the results as was I. 

I hadn't really done much portrait work up until then but it has fired up my enthusiasm to do more. I don't think a change in seasons will alter this, if anything it will be a chance to take more natural outdoor shots. I am looking at a couple of options for those shoots so keep posted. 

I have also lined up something else that is new for me, and that is some live music photography. I'm really looking forward to this one; a friend who has set up a folk club and is a good photographer himself, is happy for me to go along and take some for use in my portfolio. Researching that I've looked at some similar shots online, many of which were washed out with flash - I think I can make a better job of it. It will be high ISO and fast lens combo for this one.

Take care all, catch up soon.