California Road Trip - Sequoia / by Philip Swallow

(Originally posted to Facebook on June 14, 2019)

Sequoia was amazing!! The journey from Mariposa to our base in Three Rivers was enjoyable and scenic - they all tend to be on this trip! Sue has been very busy capturing video snippets on all of our travels so please stay tuned for when our YouTube vlogs are released as you will be able to get a real feel for what we experienced on the road. 

Our Sequoia base was close to the park entrance but that means nothing with a USA National Park! - It was around an hour of twisting, turning climbs to get to the main attractions (the ones on our list, anyway). 

The atmosphere was so calming and pleasant in Sequoia. There was good shade from the warm sun and the smell produced by the warm pine needles and plants was wonderful. I posted a range of shots to give you an idea of what you can see in one day - it was a simply stunning experience. 

Today was our big drive day, lots of very straight roads (thanks cruise control 👍🏻) and a change of scenery from mountain to desert. We are now in Yucca Valley where we will stay for one night and then travel through the Joshua Tree National Park tomorrow before checking in to our next multi-day stay in San Clemente where we are really looking forward to seeing our friends. 

We are expecting some hot, dry heat in the park but it will cool down when we get to the coast, hopefully still sunny though.