My Podcast Hosting - a story within a story! / by Philip Swallow

In short, I have used up the free 3 hours from Soundcloud and overall it was a reasonable experience. But I need a longer term solution. I have undergone some pain by moving all of my back catalogue to my website host, Squarespace and so far, so good.

Some things to consider however:

  1. This solution will max out at 100 RSS posts so allowing for other blogs this will be less than 100 episodes
  2. I'm not aware of anyone finding a way around this limit but will keep searching
  3. I own the master files so nothing will be lost as such
  4. Ideally I would like all episodes to be available via iTunes and not have to go through the re-deploying route again (which hopefully I have done successfully this time)
  5. And yes, I want to do it as cheaply as possible - but know that nothing like this is completely free!

So I'll chip away for now, if it comes to it I can always create a repository of the early versions and take on a subscription for a new long term provider but will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Hope you enjoy the content, please listen, rate and review on iTunes, it is very much appreciated!