I've launched a Podcast! / by Philip Swallow

I'm an avid podcast listener and have been for many years. I find it a really useful and entertaining way of catching up on things that interest me and it felt natural to gravitate towards this medium to help to share information about me and my journey.

At the time of writing this blog I have recorded three episodes, all available on iTunes. It has been great fun! I hope that by sharing what I have done here and on the "Socials" I can reach out to like-minded photographers and get some positive engagement as we join forces and enjoy our journeys together.

So please have a listen (and subscribe!) and get back to me with any feedback. It is intended to be an honest account and something that people can relate to. I don't have a formal plan of where it may go, I've usually got plenty to say on many subjects but over time I would certainly like to have others make a contribution, be that in interview or co-hosting or any combination.

Thanks for reading (and listening) - enjoy!